i-Profile is a one-stop solution provider of extruded packing tubes for IC’s and electronic compoments.

No other manufacturer in the region offers the same degree of expertise and quality in the design, tooling and manufacturing of these products. We provide free design of tubes based on component drawings submitted to us by customers. We specialise in difficult, complex, large and hard-to-manufacture tubes, where tolerances and quality of the shape formation are critical.

Anti-static protection treatments are available, both through coating or dipping in an anti-static solution, or as an additive to the compound before extrusion.

We additionally provide the design and manufacturing of all kinds of stoppers, plugs and closing pins, in the material and colours requested by the customer.

We manufacture these tubes in a number of materials, amongst which are:

  • PVC
  • Conductive and anti-static filled PVC
  • ABS, PS and HIPS
  • PETG
  • PC

All our products are fully customized. This includes: printing, punching and milling, coupling and welding of separate tubes, as well as pre-assembly of closing pins or stoppers.

Because all services and tooling are done in-house, and we operate fully automated cutting lines, we guarantee high outputs, fast deliveries and highly competitive prices.