i-Profile manufactures custom profiles which find their way in many market segments, both for industrial and commercial use.

Our experience provides OEM and other customers with a wide variety of extrusion possibilities in many thermoplastic materials, both rigid and flexible, either mono-, co- or tri-extruded.

We focus on small to medium sized profiles, rather than large profiles for the home window frame market. Our machines have an output range of between 2 kg/hour to 90 kg/hour, producing profiles in a typical range of 10 g per metre to 2 kg per metre.

For all products we offer a complete customisation, which can include colour matching and production of different colour batches, finishing and after-work of profiles such as drilling and coupling, printing and assembly of adhesives and other fixtures. We’ll also print brochures and leaflets and arrange for specialised packing.

Our machinery is equipped to handle most plastic materials, which include hard resins and specially engineered thermoplastics and elastomers.

Some of the market segments we’d like to highlight: