i-Profile operates more than 25 production lines 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, in a modern and efficient production plant, ensuring fast output and short, accurate lead times.

Our production lines are of different sizes and screw types, ensuring flexibility and optimal suitability for processing, depending on profile cross sections and material choice. We extrude a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials of different hardness.

In China we set the standard in a number of highly specialised areas, and are in a continuous search to further innovate our production process.

  • Co-extrusion and Tri-extrusion

    Our skills and experience in co-extrusion and tri-extrusion set us apart from other manufacturers in the region, offering customers the possibility of producing profiles made of two or three different materials and colours with an impeccable quality and speed.

    Our expertise includes combinations of hard and soft materials to guarantee functionalities such as gripping, flipping and hinging, as well as skilful blending of different colours and plastic material types and grades.

    Our extrusion lines are set up in such a way, that every production line can operate for dual or triplex extrusion when needed.

  • Crosshead Extrusion

    Beside co-extruding profiles with two different plastics, i-Profile has the additional capability to co-extrude plastics embedded with metal strips or wires. This solution is particularly useful for applications where electrical current needs to run through plastic profiles.

  • Scalability

    While we can cater to specialised smaller runs, we have the capacity and tested experience to quickly grow with your needs and ramp up production volume of a part over multiple production lines in a very short time.

    More importantly, we’ll see to it that delivery commitments made are being kept. We can handle large to very large projects and have made a reputation for ourselves that we can meet and exceed the customer’s expectation in this respect.

  • Materials

    Our production is equipped to extrude for you profiles in the most common thermoplastic materials on the market. These include, but are not limited to:

    • PVC (rigid, flexible, anti-static filled, conductive, etc.)
    • ABS & HIPS
    • HDPE & LDPE
    • PP
    • PC
    • PETG
    • PMMA
    • Hybrids of multiple plastics
    • Elastomers such as TPU, TPE, TPR, SEBS & others