We only process raw materials which are free from banned or toxic substances.

Concern for the environment rates high among our corporate objectives. That is why we only source and process raw materials from reputable, internationally recognized companies.

i-Profile will not process any materials which contain banned or toxic substances. Beside the plastic resins and compounds, this extends to all other materials, such as packing material and supplies.

  • Our own in-house compounded PVC dry blends and resins are regularly tested by independent laboratories for compliance with the latest REACH and ROHS standards, and certificates are made available to customers
  • We only process PVC’s which are lead-free and either zinc or calcium based.
  • Upon request, we’ll also provide customers with certificates and analysis of all other raw materials which we process
  • i-Profile (Shenzhen) Ltd. has been certified for the environmental ISO 14001:2004 standard