Quality for us means an attitude to everything we do.

Throughout our company, we strive for excellence at all levels. Far from being just one important step in the total manufacturing chain, quality starts with operating one of the cleanest and brightest extrusion factories in China, where all our activities are carefully organized, monitored and improved upon.

Throughout its entire operation, i-Profile applies a total quality management approach (TQM). Dedicated quality circles meet and discuss to pro-actively and incrementally improve on existing quality levels.

At every stage of the manufacturing process, from the careful selection and inspection of raw materials, continuous online checks during production, and the final dispatch of the finished products, inspections are carried out and statistical records completed and filed.

Products are inspected for possible defects, against specifications and tolerances by measuring them with the latest digital measuring equipment in our fully equipped quality control assurance department.

  • i-Profile (Shenzhen) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company.
  • We follow strict AQL 0.065 (acceptance quality limit) levels in our production
  • Upon request and for challenging parts we’ll apply statistical process control (SPC) and compile Cp/Cpk control charts and statistical capability studies which will help in improving the production process and eliminate waste and possible rejects.
  • We welcome factory audits by potential OEM customers.